Veteran journalist Andrew Neil has angered fans of the Meghan Markle after claiming she has “unattractive qualities”.

The 73-year-old former chairman of GB News – which he left last year – sparked fury by sharing an article written in the Spectator, of which he is also chairman.

The piece was written by 75-year-old American author and political commentator Gilbert T Sewall.

And in it, the writer slams the Duchess of Sussex for her appearance at the memorial site of the fatal Texas school shooting last month.

He wrote: “Uninvited, Meghan Markle had hopped on a private plane in Santa Barbara ‘as a mother’.

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“Flying with staff, bodyguard and camera crew to a private airfield near Uvalde, she was whisked into a black van, amply photographed, and home before dark, job done, it’s a wrap.

Spectator chairman Andrew Neil caused anger by tweeting out the controversial piece

“Was this some strange, sick, unspeakable parody of a royal visit? What the hell was it? While any right-minded human being would steer away from such a ghastly charade, Meghan did not. Is she insane?

Neil tweeted the article out to his 1.2 million followers, with the headline “The unremarkable Meghan Markle”.

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And social media was quick to round on the former BBC presenter’s share.

Meghan has so far not commented on the outrage over the trip
Meghan has so far not commented on the outrage over the trip

One user tweeted: “Speaking of unremarkable…let me present Andrew Neil & Gilbert T. Sewall – the most mediocre of old, conservative white ‘men’.”

While another wrote: “Meghan Markle is so unremarkable that a 75-year-old man spent loads of his time writing 1,000 words about it.”

Many users called him “attention seeking” and “obsessed” with the royal, while many called on him to “leave her alone”.

The Daily Star has reached out to Meghan Markle’s team for a comment.

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