Meet woman who helps women with fertility issues by massaging


purchase Clomiphene uk A Nigerian woman known as Mama Mary Igrakpata who has been helping women with fertility issues by massaging, got interviewed by BBC Pidgin.

buy ivermectin pills The womb setting massage is a traditional message in Warri, Delta.

Düzce According to beneficiaries, they believe that whenever the woman set their wombs by massaging it,  it’s obvious that they will get pregnant.

They also claimed that the woman has been using just hand and vaseline to rub the womb and the vagina.

One of the beneficiaries, Stella stated that she gave birth to her two children through the massage given to her by the woman.

Mama Mama Mary Igrakpata is 100 years old plus,  she revealed in the interview that she has helped a lot of women who were having fertility issues in Warri.

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See video below to watch  the interview;



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