Meet The Deadly 11-Year Old Boy “Shanowole” That Terrorized Lagos State

11-Year Old Boy “Shanowole” who terrorized Lagos State has been described as one the deadliest young boy

Few years ago, an 11-year old boy whose name is “Shanowole” accepted or claimed to have been involved in several violent offenses leading to murder and other things.

Shanowole is presently going through a rehabilitation process at the freedom foundation that was founded by Pastor Tony Rapu.

Here a photo of him

Shanowole disclosed how he entered into the underworld and also, he revealed that at his age, he enjoyed smoking and injecting hard drugs into his body. Shanowole revealed that if anybody fights them, him and his gang will team up and beat the person mercilessly and sometimes might kill the person.He also disclosed that he was involved in a lot of robbery activities within Lagos state.

Shanowole’s life was changed when he had an encounter with Pastor Tony Rapu and later repented. Pastor Tony Rapu took him (Shanowole) off the street and gave him a new beginning.

Some his photos after he repented.


Aside being involved in robbery activities, shanowole was a notorious cultist and was involved in a lot of cult fights and so on.

So, that was how “Shanowole” was described as the deadliest 11-year old boy that terrorized Lagos state and later repented.

What do you think about this 11-Year old boy “Shanowole” that terrorized Lagos state but later repented?.

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