Many people believe that moving abroad would guarantee success, according to Batouly Barry, a woman based in Canada.

In an interview with Legit, Batouly stated that, despite having one of the best education systems in the world, international students pay a higher price for their education in Canada.

Since the school time differs from working hours, the Guinean native claims that the system is flexible enough for international students to work while studying.

She did, however, mention that when foreign students arrive in Canada, they frequently lose concentration.

According to her, they tend to direct their attention towards their jobs at the detriment of their studies, the implication of which is a loss of their educational startups or scholarships.

“…You lose your study start ups because the school and the immigration are linked – You cannot hide yourself.”

Batouly added that, unlike the US, it is also not possible for foreign students to live and work in Canada without papers or the necessary documents.

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The lady faulted the notion that jobs are commonplace there as there is no place anywhere in the world that the government guarantees 100% job for citizens and immigrants, even in Canada.

We are blaming the government back home that there is no job, there is no job. In Canada, the government don’t guarantee jobs to all citizens.

I’m sorry to say that… We have to stop lying.

“If I tell you there are jobs here, you’d be thinking that when you get here the next day you’d get a job.. You’d be looking for a job here, 3 months you’d not get.”

She slammed Africans who think that because they have a Master’s degree or PhD back home they’d get high-paying jobs.

In Canada, we love diploma, certificate,” she says.

Watch the interview:

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