Mangwana Savages Daddy Hope Over Viral Video Of School Children Receiving Watery Soup


Social media users have raised concerns after a video of school children who appear to be getting some food at school went viral.

What raised eyebrows is the kind of food that the children are getting and what appears to be watery soup.

Some social media users questioned who is responsible for the food programmes in schools questioning if it is the school itself or the government.

It has not been mentioned where this school is located and when the video was recorded.

Watch the video below.

Below are some of the comments on social media.

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@Elijahnabimany2 wrote:

This is insane, if such schools can’t feed pupils they shud allow kids to come with their food from homes or else the government shud enforce their closure, this is cheating the parent and and again punishing the kids.

@sarakasubo1 wrote:

Who is responsible for meals in schools??
Is it government?
Is it the school management?
What is the use of the PTA commitee of that school? All those questions come to my minds after watching this video.

@MoreenNambalir1 wrote:

This is not soup, it’s warm coloured water. Oh God bambi these innocent souls.

However, Zimbabwean journalist and activist, Hopewell Chin’ono in a post that has since been deleted had said the video was from a Zimbabwean school.

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In a post on Facebook, Chin’ono wrote:

Zimbabwean primary school kids eating sadza with salted boiled water in a country with over 70 different types of natural resource minerals including Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Lithium and more!
This has been caused by ZANUPF’s Corrupt Rule and grand incompetence!
What a painful tragedy to scotch in the 21st century only because of LOOTING by cruel and selfish old people who are now aided by young crooks they use as fronts!

This did not impress Information Ministry Secretary, Nick Mangwana who said Chin’ono was being a pathetic troll. Mangwana wrote:

Pathetic is when you troll the internet looking for negative content so you can falsely attribute to your own country!


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