Man who won cashier of the month multiple times sacked over ‘missing’ 37 Cents (15 Naira)

A former employee of Lowes, a major retail chain in the United States, has explained how he lost his job after some change went missing while he was on the job.

According to Jay Juan, he served as a cashier at Lowes for four months in a row, winning cashier of the month four times in a row before being fired for 37 cents.

Jay said that the money which was ‘free change’ dropped by his customer taken off his register and it got him in trouble with the management.

Speaking on how committed he was at his work, he revealed that even when an aunt died, he still went to work. He has gotten the store multiple credit Apps.

He also took every shift available, however, his commitment and dedication to work weren’t able to save him when he could not account for the missing 37 cents (15 naira) which he says was eventually returned.

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Jay lamented over how his dream just ended on account of the little cash.

Read his writeup below;

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