Man tries to hijack plane and open cabin door mid-flight as passengers watch in terror

A man attempted to hijack a plane mid-flight and was detained as he tried to open the cabin door.

The passenger told other people onboard to us their oxygen masks during the Delta flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The pilot then made an announcement, asking all “able-bodied men” to come forward and deal with the emergency.

Shocking footage captured onboard shows several passengers and staff tussling with the man, with cries ringing out.

Passengers were diverted to Oklahoma City Airport, where the man was handed over to law enforcement officers.

They then carried out a sweep of the plane to check for any “further security issues”, according to eyewitness Benjamin Curlee.

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Earlier this month, a passenger plane was evacuated following reports of a suspected explosive device onboard.

The Air France flight took off from Ndjamena in Chad before landing in Paris.

French authorities said no bomb was found onboard the plane but confirmed they were investigating a threat.

Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin said the flight had landed at Roissy airport, also known as Charles de Gaulle, without incident.

The Minister tweeted: “At the request of the Prime Minister, the interministerial crisis unit was opened, following suspicion of the presence on board of an explosive device on an Air France Ndjamena – Paris flight.

“The plane landed at Roissy airport without incident and was isolated.”

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All passengers were disembarked from the plane.

The interministerial crisis unit brought together the head of government and several ministers.

These included the minister for Europe and foreign affairs, the minister of the armed forces and the minister of transport.

An airport source claimed a man reportedly managed to tune into the radio frequency and broadcast a bomb threat.

The source told La Depeche: “The pilot informed the company and the plane was escorted by a Rafale to Roissy.”

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