Man Stones Father To Death Over Witchcraft Accusations

Man Stones Father To Death Over Witchcraft Accusations

A Nyanga man allegedly went berserk last week and stoned his father to death over allegations that he was practicing witchcraft.

Josphat Sachota (39) from Satuku Village under Chief Saunyama,  was arrested and charged with murder after he killed his father, Alois Tanyanyiwa Sachota (70).

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Luxson Chananda confirmed the tragic incident which happened on the 28th of May at around 5 pm.

According to the police report, on the fateful day, Josphat reportedly saw his father walking with his wife Mary Dukwara (46).

The two were coming from their garden and Josphat reportedly approached them and accused his father of practicing witchcraft.

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However, Sachota tried to avoid Josphat but he allegedly became violent and picked a stone.

Sensing danger, Sachota tried to run but Josphat hit him with a stone. He picked another stone and started hitting him continuously.

He reportedly picked a bigger stone which he used to stone his father until he died.

A report was made at Nyamaropa Police Station who attended the scene and arrested Josphat, New Zimbabwe reports.

Speaking during an interview, Inspector Chananda urged members of the public to solve their dispute amicably and not resort to violence.

“People should desist from taking the law into their own hands. They should learn to solve their disputes amicably or engage leaders in their communities whenever they are entangled in a dispute,” said the police spokesperson.

In other news, iHarare reported that a prisoner who was released from WhaWha Prison in Gweru under the Presidential amnesty allegedly attacked and killed a neighbor whom he accused of having an extramarital affair with his wife while he was serving his jail term.

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Taruva reportedly teamed up with a friend Jimmy Katambura and fatally assaulted Shepherd Chibunda.

Taruva and Kutambura assaulted the late Chibunda using logs and he was taken to Mvuma District Hospital where he died upon admission.

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