A Nigerian guy took to social media to offer an intriguing story about a beautiful house in Gbagada, Lagos state.

Alex Oluwatobi claimed he heard about a house in Lagos where the previous residents all ended up migrating abroad.


A acquaintance who lived in one of the apartments, he said, recently traveled to Norway.


He wrote;

”There’s this house in Gbagada codedly nicknamed “Abroad House”!

They said anyone that rents any of the apartments end up travelling abroad.

I laughed when my friend told me he’ll be taking one of the apartments last year, because he also want to travel abroad.

I actually didn’t believe in shits like that.

He travelled last week Thursday to Norway. He called today to update me about it, I asked if I could move in.

He said “Haa… I don give the apartment to my bro & my cousin, I want all my family to live that country”.

I sighed!

“I’m sorry bro, àbí you’ll move in with them?” He said & started laughing hysterically.

He’s a good friend & a very sarcastic guy, I know he was trying to get back at me.

This is even not a fable, the house is along Yetunde Brown for those that know Gbagada very well.”

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