Man rapes, murders his sister-in-law to punish his brother

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A 25-year-old boy identified as Aminu Bala has been arrested for raping and killing of his Norton brother’s wife.

He revealed while questioning him that he killed and raped the innocent buy priligy generic woman just to punish him brother.

Read the full statement below;

longingly Where are you from?

I am from Damaga village, Maradun Local Government Area in Zamfara State. I am a labourer. I did not attend any school.

You have been arrested for allegedly raping and killing your elder brother’s wife. Is it true?

Yes, I committed the offence.

Why did you rape and kill your sister-in-law?

I did it because I was not on good terms with my elder brother, Iliyasu Bala.

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I have not been on good terms with my elder brother since he sacked me as a labourer at the place where he works as a bricklayer. There was a disagreement between us and as the person heading the place, he sacked me. Since then, I have been jobless.

Why didn’t you talk to your brother instead of killing his wife, who had nothing to do with it?

I can’t kill him because he is stronger than me. I cannot face him. I expressed my anger by killing his wife because of what he did to me.

How did you feel after raping and killing an innocent woman?

I felt sad but I also felt I taught my brother a good lesson for sacking me from the job I had. I know I would be punished for what I did.

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How do you feel now that you have been arrested?

I do not feel anything. All I know is that I will face the consequences of my action. I was shot in the leg by the police who came to arrest me.

Where was your brother when you killed his wife?

He was not in town. He was in Abuja when the incident happened.  We have the same father but different mothers. I have no any appeal to make to the government as I know that what I did attracts capital punishment. I am only waiting for the punishment.


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