Man Nabbed For Terminating Ex-Lover's Pregnancy Without Consent

Man Nabbed For Terminating Ex-Lover’s Pregnancy Without Consent

Man Nabbed For Terminating Ex-Lover's Pregnancy Without Consent


A Harare man has been arrested after he allegedly terminated his ex-lover’s pregnancy without her knowledge or consent.

Totizirepi Dhliwayo has been arrested for the crime and appeared at the Harare Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

According to the state’s case, Dhliwayo was involved in a romantic relationship with Grace Gutu. The two later ended the relationship following some undisclosed differences.

At some point after their relationship had ended, Dhliwayo is alleged to have contacted Gutu and lied to her that he wanted to buy her a brand new bed.

However, when Gutu arrived for the shopping trip, Dhliwayo is alleged to have taken her to a private doctor, where she was forced to have a pregnancy test. The results of the pregnancy test showed that Gutu was expecting.

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Dhliwayo is alleged to not have been too happy with this development and asked his former lover to abort the pregnancy. Gutu refused and insisted that she would have the baby.

After noting that the direct approach was not working, Dhliwayo decided on a stealth approach. He offered his ex-lover a drink and told her that she looked parched.

Gutu gratefully accepted the drink. After taking the drink, Gutu said that she lost all consciousness. When she finally came to, she was informed that the pregnancy had been terminated by the as-yet-unnamed doctor.

ZBC reports that Dhliwayo vehemently denied the charges in court and claimed that his ex-lover was fabricating the issue in order to get back at him following the collapse of their relationship.

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The magistrate postponed the bail hearing to Tuesday, meaning that Dhliwayo will spend the night in state custody.



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