I told him to use a condom: Man Arrested after Infecting 13-year-old Girlfriend With STI During Sex

A Mabvuku man has put himself in soup with the law after he bedded his 13-year-old girlfriend and infected her with a sexually transmitted infection.


Convivial Kundai Pachirera, 24, was dragged to court yesterday charged with bedding a minor.

According to a local tabloid, Pachirera was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

It is in the States case that Pachirera started dating the 13-year-old on August 9 last year and on August 15, the complainant invited Pachirera to their house as she knew that she was going to be home alone and wanted to have quality time with her boyfriend.

It is alleged that Pachirera went to the house and they had lunch and afterwards, he asked for sexual intercourse which the minor reportedly consented to on condition that they used protection.

The court heard that they never communicated after the incident.

The matter only came to light in April this year after the complainant fell sick of a sexually transmitted infection and she told her teacher of her sexual experience with Pachirera.

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Her teacher then related the issue to the minor’s parents.

A police report was made leading to Pachirera’s arrest.

In an almost similar case reported by iHarare, a newly married 36 -year-old woman and her husband have been slapped with a 17-year-jail term each after the latter raped a Grade 1 pupil with the assistance of his wife and infected the complainant with STI.

The complainant who is a niece of the husband Benson Moyo, 26, was raped sometime in March 2020.

With help from his wife, Moyo raped the minor and left her with bruises on her thighs, buttocks, and legs.

The matter came to light three days later when the minor could no longer walk and she had a bad smell attributed to an STI infection.

A police report was made leading to the arrest of the two.

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