Man Dies After Being Attacked By 7 Pitbulls

A man who has been identified as Aglacir de Macedo Pereira was attacked and his face was ripped off by seven Pitbulls while he was on his morning walk.

It was gathered that the 46-years-old, was ambushed by the dogs in Lageado Feio, a rural area of southern Brazil on February 2. He was enjoying his morning walk he takes regularly when the savage dogs escaped from a farm underneath a gate where they were kept by their owners.

Brave passersby rescued him from the gruesome attack and called an ambulance. Pereira was rushed to Santa Cruz Hospital in central Pinhao,. The Pitbulls had bitten off all of the skin on the man’s face, revealing his skull completely.

On getting to the hospital, the man was confirmed dead after the tragic incident Pereira’s distraught aunt told local media, “He was like a son. I raised him since he was two years old.” His family has accused the dogs’ owner of failing to keep the animals penned up properly.

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However, the owner of the dogs is yet to be identified at the moment.

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