Man Collapses After Discovering That His Wife Is His “Landlord” 

Man Collapses After Discovering That His Wife Is His “Landlord” 


A Zambian man caused a scene after he collapsed when he discovered that his wife was his “landlord.”

Martin Stampa from Kasama in Zambia stayed in a house for 15 years, and he was paying 3500 kwacha, which is the equivalent of R3626, every month.

His wife was the one who always took the rent to his “landlord.”

On one fateful day, the couple had an altercation after the wife, Lushomo, discovered that her husband was having an extramarital affair.

Hateful words were exchanged, and Martin allegedly told his wife that he got a side chick because he wanted someone who was intelligent and who had smart conversations.

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This riled Lushomo, who ended up spilling the beans and telling Martin that he’s not intelligent enough as he has been paying her R3626 every month because the house they stay in belongs to her.

On seeing the house’s title deeds, Martin lost consciousness and collapsed. People had to drench him with bucketfuls of water to wake him up.


A Zambian man collapses after discovering  that he has been paying rent to his wife. [Image: Shamoba/Facebook]

Facebook users had a good laugh, amazed at how Lushomo managed to dupe her husband into paying her rent. Check out their comments below.



She was a kind landlady,  15 years no increase in rent. She needs an appreciation 🤣 


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That’s childish. Why should I collapse? That woman deserves real dealings. Such wives can kill you. 


3500 rent for 15 years, instead of building your own house, anyway no brains in that man. He deserves more fainting. 


Don’t blame this man. Some women are cruel. He used someone else to pretend to be the landlord. God blesses differently. The little he had was for his rentals, not for building. That’s why he found himself in this situation of renting. Don’t tease or support silly things. That’s Sin. 


Are we saying house rentals for the house in question have been static for the past 15 years? I can imagine how the wife used to mock him in her heart/silently whenever he got furious & say this is my house. I will chase you if you continue disrespecting me kikikikik 


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