Majek Fashek Diagnosed With Cancer In UK Hospital


Majek Fashek Diagnosed With Cancer In UK Hospital Nigeria’s eccentric reggae music superstar, Baskil Majek Fashek has cancer of the neck and throat. Cancer has also spread to his throat and hovering around these parts of his body, flogging him with severe pains, movement restrictions and also slowly losing his voice. Cancer may also be furiously spreading to other organs of his body.

In a video released this morning by his Manager, Sāvda Majek seemed disoriented and in pains. His voice was hoarse. “…The ears, nose and throat are the most common areas affected by head and neck cancers.

In a video  recorded by his manager: Majek is seen being prepped up at a supposed London hospital, for treatment. He complained about the excruciating pains on his neck.

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