Main Chick beats up her boyfriend’s Side Chick (Video)


Main Chick beats up her boyfriend’s Side Chick (Video) For the past few days, social media has been buzzing with some funny but serious issues. It all started when a student was pulled out during lectures by the mother of a girl he had impregnated. As if that wasn’t enough, another video surfaced of a girl identified as Karen also beating up her cheating boyfriend with her slippers. Now when we thought we were starting another week with a bright start, another video has emerged again on social media this time around a main chic catching her boyfriend with his side chic at the mall.

Eyewitnesses alleged that the Main Chick turned up at the mall after she learnt that her boyfriend was taking his Side Chick to the shopping outlet.

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The confrontation led to a fight and the Main Chick was spotted in the viral video removing the Side Chick’s wig and subsequently using it to beat her.

Here is the video below;


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