Mai Titi Bids Farewell To Her Husband

Mai Titi Bids Farewell To Her Husband

Mai Titi with her husband and family at the airport (Photo Credit: Instagram)


As the festive season comes to an end, Mai Titi found herself having to bid farewell to her United States-based husband Tinashe Maphosa.

Taking to social media, Mai Titi shared a picture at the airport and penned a heartfelt message to her husband as she bid him farewell. Mai Titi revealed that her husband had to return back to America due to work commitments.

Mai Titi said she was sad to see her husband leave. She, however,  thanked Tinashe for making her the happiest woman on earth.

Captioning the pic, she wrote;

“Special thanks to my beloved Husband Tinashe Maphosa who made me the happiest woman on earth ,removed the shame, crowned me , sacrificed a lot for me ,made me believe in love again. A blessing added to my family.
I’m typing this with a little sadness because you are now going back yet I was now used to be around you all the time🥺because of work I have to let u go, a man got to do what a man got to do . I will see u soon my love .Bear it in mind that I love you ❤️ with my all .
Farewell Catdaddy.✈️✈️✈️✈️”


The couple got married in an intimate white wedding ceremony in America before they jetted back into the country in December where they had their lobola/roora ceremony.

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According to reports, Tinashe is said to have paid USD$15k lobola money for Mai Titi.

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