Levi Bellfield’s former girlfriend fears there may be ‘thousands’ more victims

Levi Bellfield’s former girlfriend has revealed her fears that there may be ‘thousands’ more victims amid reports that police are preparing to charge the serial killer over series of bludgeon attacks.

Joe Collings, from Buckinghamshire, has said she is still haunted by her past relationship with Bellfield, now 52, who was found guilty of the murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler in 2011.

He was also convicted of the murders of French student Amelie Delagrange, 22, in 2004, and Marsha McDonnell, 19, in 2008.   

Joe, 49, recently revealed that she lives with the guilt of being unable to stop him committing the crimes and told The Sun: ‘He was always disappearing. It’s never going to end. There could be thousands more victims for all we know.’

It comes amid reports that the triple killer is set to be charged with a string of attacks on other women.  

Joe, who is mother to two of Bellfield’s children, began dating the former bouncer in 1995 during which time she said she was raped, beaten and psychologically abused. 

Speaking about their three-year relationship, she told the publication: ‘There was one time when we went on holiday to Turkey. We were meant to go for two weeks but five days in he locked me in the hotel room and went out.

‘He came back panicked and we flew home the next day. I always wonder what he did. Who did he hurt? He obviously did something.’

She added that she hopes victims will get justice if he is charged with the latest offences currently being investigated.

Bellfield, who is one of around 50 British prisoners serving a whole life sentence, was suspected of dozens of other assaults when he was initially convicted in 2008.

Amelie Delagrange (pictured), aged 22, was murdered in 2004

Marsha McDonnell (pictured), aged 19, was killed in 2003

He was also convicted of the murders of French student Amelie Delagrange (left), 22, in 2004, and Marsha McDonnell (right), 19, in 2003 

It is thought that he is now set to be charged with a string of attacks on other women after officers from the Metropolitan Police wrote to the killer to tell him about their investigation ahead of questioning, according to The Sun

Women who have survived attacks which have remained unsolved include Sarah Spurrell, Edel Harbison, Dawn Brunton and Jessie Wilson. 

MailOnline previously approached for the Metropolitan Police for comment. 

Last month, there were reports that Bellfield had been offered the coronavirus jab, even as millions of law-abiding Britons waited for theirs. 

But the Ministry of Justice insisted in a statement posted on Twitter that prisoners were not getting preferential treatment for a coronavirus jab.

Speaking about the possibility, Joe said: ‘He shouldn’t be given the vaccine. People are dying and there are all these people desperate for it, who really need it – he doesn’t deserve it. It’s very wrong.’

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Priority for the vaccines has been determined by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, with everyone over 70 and clinically extremely vulnerable people all planned to get a first dose by February 15.

It means prisoners in those categories will get the vaccine before ordinary Britons who do not have health conditions or are not elderly.  

Bellfield reportedly complained that he should have ‘already’ had the jab because it ‘can spread like wildfire and we are in danger’. 

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