Lesbian reveals what her abusive girlfriend did to her (Photos)


nobbily A http://celticgreenenergy.co.uk/4kw-solar-panel-kits lesbian has revealed what her abusive girlfriend did to her as she shares pictures of the injuries she sustained from  her girlfriend.

The lesbian lady, where to buy stromectol Sunny KDog took to her social media page to advice other lesbians in abusive relationships to ensure they seek help as she shares marks and injuries she sustained from hers.

Some of the injuries includes a swollen eye which she claims she can not see clearly with, marks on her neck and other parts of her body.


She shared the pictures with caption;

To all my lesbians out there in an abusive relationships, GET HELP. Don’t put up with anyone putting they’re hands on you. Stud, Stem, Fem , GET HELP. Today I finally realized that even me being masculine can’t protect me from someone who wants to cause harm Hundred points symbol🕊

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Can’t see out my eye obviously but their*



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