A Nigerian army officer has made a shocking revelation about the Lekki massacre which claimed the lives of many peaceful protesters.

Tuesday’s night was unpleasant as many Nigerian youths were killed and many were severely injured and battling for their lives after alleged military officers opened fire on them.

According to a post shared by Stella Dimoko, the solider revealed than the killing was sponsored by the Nigerian government and the men in soldier uniforms were thugs not military men.

He stated the the Nigerian government ordered the killing to sabotage military and to put end to the peaceful protest, so the paid the thugs and armed them with powerful weapons.

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He said;

Please ma’am can you help and get this message across the nation!! Soldiers are the only peace keeping force in Nigerian. They Go out there in other country for peace and ours is in a big mess and we can’t fix it. That’s not true, politicians did all of that to sabotage the efforts of the youths. Please I’m bitterly and emotionally down.. please wherever you are ;you have to play safe. Be your brothers keepers. Those hoodlums on uniform are not our soldiers , their is rules and regulations guiding rules of engagement ; I think it’s time we seek for the Audience of the United Nations. Please I want you to clear the impressions of involving soldiers on this. Those men on uniform yesterday And today were not our soldiers , they’re paid thugs , they gave them uniform with AK 47 to do the dirty shits. Because they believe soldiers are the only people the masses are afraid of. Please we are on gating in my Barrack at BENIN. No in no out. So I think 🤔 all these accusations are false

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