Lekki Massacre: Gunshot victims unable to remove bullets due to lack of X-ray machine – IK Osakioduwa cries out

Media personality, IK Osakioduwa is beckoning on Nigerians to help gunshot victims of the Lekki toll gate shootings.

The media personality said most of the victims are in the hospital with the bullets still in their bodies because they need to have X-ray done first before the bullets are removed and there’s no X-ray machine available.

He wrote: “Some of the gun shot victims from the Lekki Toll shooting have been at Grandville Trauma centre (Opposite VGC) unable to take the bullets out because they need X-rays done. Please reply if you know a hospital that has an X-ray machine and technician present.”

He added: “Unfortunately if We don’t find them a place to get that X-ray done, the hospital will be unable to hold them indefinitely. They have too many patients that need help.”

Grandville clarified IK’s post, explaining that they need the X-ray done to confirm the location of the bullets in the victims’ bodies.

Grandville wrote: “Pls we are not taking bullets out (as it may sound ) and definitely they need X-ray for clarification so we just need to confirm the location if any is left behind or close to any vital structure or structures and also if there will be need for exploration.”

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