Leave our country: Fresh attack on Nigerian traders in Ghana as brutal shops closure begin

The National Association of Nigerian Traders has approached the Federal Government to make a dire move as Ghanaian Authorities left on another round of closure of shops owned by Nigerian merchants on Monday.

The National President of NANTS, Dr Ken Ukaoha, who settled on the decision in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja, censured the abuse of Nigerian traders in Ghana.

Ukaoha said the whole cycle demonstrated Ghana’s choice to sabotage the exchange and monetary joining measure in ECOWAS.

He, accordingly, encouraged the Federal Government to make prompt moves and critically present the abuse of Nigerians in Ghana to the Council of Ministers and the Authority of Heads of State.

NAN reviews that 270 shops owned by Nigerian dealers in Ghana have been under lock and key since September, 2019.

“As of today, Nov. 30 the Ghanaian authorities led by security agencies have started another round of closure of shops belonging to Nigerian traders in Ghana.

“The notice placed above the padlocks on each of the locked shops informs owners to come to their Ministry of Trade and Industry with evidence of payment of one million dollars.

“It is indeed a complete dent on the face of ECOWAS and a bold question, perhaps asking the Nigerian Government “what would you do”? OR “do your worst,” Ukaoha noted.

He recalled that that few weeks back, Nigerian traders in Ghana had appealed to Federal Government to start the process of evacuating them back to Nigeria, expressing their displeasure and insecurity of their wares and livelihoods in Ghana.

“An Inter-Ministerial Committee was said to have been set up by the Nigerian President, but it appears before the sitting of the Committee, the Ghanaian Authorities have started pushing towards readiness for a trade war.

“For NANTS, I believe this cold war is needless.

“It is indeed senseless that you asked a community to leave your space and while they are preparing with their government on how to act on your demand, another round of closure is being effected,” he said.

According to him, why would Ghana start a fresh closure of Nigerian shops even when they had ordered Nigerians to leave and the government of Nigeria is preparing to take her citizens?

“Ghana would definitely regret this war songs, knowing clearly that the rebound would hit strongly on her people and her economy, especially when Nigerians move out of the country with their business investments.

“We will continue to ask Nigeria to move calmly but speedily in the process and still withhold her sword of anger,” he said.



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