Lady Whose Lover Died In the Act Reveals Strange Details of What Happened

On Saturday, January 16, 2021 a 60 year elderly person died under muddled conditions at his lover’s house in changamwe, Mombasa. Stephen Kariuki a financial specialist in Mtwapa had visited a lady he has been having a close connection at her home in Changamwe. Minutes after the fact subsequent to showing up, Kariuki was pronounced dead.

The woman whom the businessman was visiting has come out and revealed details of what happened before the man died. According to Esther Karimi, the man arrived few minutes past 2pm and immediately went inside the bathroom for what she said was a short call.

Moments later, he asked the lady to go to the bedroom where they proceeded with the business of the day.

However, while in the process of making love, the man suddenly fainted and died just like that. After he fainted, the lady asked for help from neighbors and he was rushed to Bomu Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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