Lady Squanda’s Drastic Weight Loss Has Zimbabweans Worried


Lady Squanda, the self-proclaimed Queen of Zimdancehall, has Zimbabweans worried about her health following what appears to be a drastic weight loss.

The award-winning musician,  real name Sandra Muchaneta Gazi, who used to be full-figured, has been trending after pictures of her new figure went viral on social media.

Because of the drastic transformation, the photos have sparked worry among Zimbabweans who fear for her health.

Social media users urged Lady Squanda to seek immediate medical attention, claiming her body indicates she may be seriously ill.

Others, more cynical, claimed that the dancehall queen was abusing drugs.

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Others speculated that she might be going through a rough patch and struggling to put enough food on the table. People should crowdfund to support the Zimdancehall Queen, according to them.

Some, on the other hand, chose to be optimistic. They praised Lady Squanda’s weight loss and exercise efforts, saying her new body is much healthier.

This is not the first time that Zimbabweans have expressed concern over Lady Squanda’s transformation. Two years back, the musician raised eyebrows when she showed off her new svelte figure.


Lady Squanda Before and After [Pictures: Facebook/Lady Squanda]


Below are some of the reactions from social media,

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Kambwa is real. Munhu atopera takatarisa shw used to be called Lady Squanda hamheno what title suits her now.



She was cursed ne munhu waakananzvisa tsoka kkk.

@Happiness Munyeruki

Otylia Patiwako haa squander akatadza kuzvibata ratova Benzi , she’s now strongly addicted to drugs trafficking and theme yegood life chaiyo hasisina uyu. I feel sorry for her since ndaumufarira from her beginning.

@Elizabeth Kapita Mai Mumu

Nemanakiro anga akaitwa nasqanda zvakaoma sure anyway get well soon.


she has been squandering her health.

We are all fearfully and wonderfully created and therefore precious in his sight.🙏🏾

That’s all…

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