Lady in tears after man who slept with her in the night did this to her the following morning

In a heartbreaking tweet that was tweeted by a Twitter user with the handle @ Bae Tee yesterday morning, she has revealed what the man who slept with her the previous night did to her the following morning that eventually pained her.

According to the tweet she shared, she made it known that a guy slept with her the previous night and that she woke up the next morning to give the guy a good morning text message, then she discovered that the said guy had already blocked her contact, as she realized it when she wanted to text the message.

She further asked her followers who saw her tweet that, what could have been the reason that warranted the guy to that to her ? As she also alleged that she has been sleeping all day because of the heartbreak she suffered when she discovered that the guy has already blocked her.

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However, she didn’t reveal the relationship they both have between each other before, as it might be that they met in a night club.

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