In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi hides in the library. He thinks that teh thought there would not be many people but there are. All of a sudden, the light starts to flicker. Peon comes and says that there is some problem in the circuit and that sorting the matter would take them around half an hour. Prithvi gets happy to hear that and thanks God for helping him out. He thinks that he can meet Preeta in peace now. Here, Arjun thinks about why he can’t contact Prithvi.

Kundali Bhagya

Arjun turns to leave when Praumila introduces herself as Kavya’s class teacher, asking her to let him go because then her mother would reprimand him. Arjun wonders why her mother would reprimand him, and Praumila replies that she went to the library because she needs some books. Praumila notices Kavya talking with some of the students. Praumila sees Arjun and feels a little cautious because he is really handsome.

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Then, Praumila asks Kavya to go back to her class as it has started. Arjun thanks the teacher for telling her about Preeta by pointing toward the library. Praumila remarks that Arjun is a truly lovely name and states that Kavya is just like him and has not adopted any of Preeta’s quirks. Preeta Jee might get scared and leave if the lights continue to flicker, so Bhagwan jee should not play any games with him, Prithvi says as he emerges from hiding wondering where Preeta is.

Prithvi hears someone approaching and hides right away, but when he does, he turns to find Preeta jee standing in front of him and smiles. When Arjun inquires about the library while passing by in the hallway, the peon informs him that even they are unaware of it. Arjun believes he would not even allow Prithvi to think of Preeta. Here, Preeta gets tensed when lights start to flicker. Prithvi thinks that she looks even more pretty while being nervous. Prithvi calls her name.

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Preeta gets scared thinking someone is there. However, she can’t see Prithvi. Later, Arjun throws Prithvi out of the corridor. He punches him right in the face. Prithvi does not buy it and hits him harder too. Prithvi tries to make Arjun understand that they both share the same enemy. Needless to say, the storyline has gotten quite interesting. Follow Social Telecast for more such updates and the latest news.

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