King Charles III alive after faux assassination attempt in Australia

He will have to be more cautious now that he is King Charles III, but he didn’t care about what happened around him when he was Prince Charles. When the prince was visiting Australia in 1994, he was about to begin a speech when chaos ensued. In the video, you can clearly hear two different bangs and a large crowd scrambling in front of him.

Nobody knew at the time that the shots fired by a protester in Sydney were blanks. The man who made this attempt, David Kang, was apprehended by the Royal Family’s security detail. The shooter was 23 years old and a university student in Australia at the time. His motivation for shooting at the prince was directly related to the treatment of hundreds of Cambodian asylum seekers held in Australian detention camps.

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Prince Charles doesn’t even blink

What strikes us the most about this footage is Prince Charles‘ lack of reaction to what has occurred. In his face, you can see an inquisitive individual rather than a terrified individual fearing for his life. We’re still not sure whether the then-prince was brave or simply didn’t understand what was going on. Most reactions to Prince Charles’ careless behavior are met with complete awe; he appears unfazed by what happened.

Kang was not suspected of attempting to kill the prince, but he was charged with threatening unlawful violence and served 500 hours of community service. This was the desperate act of a man who had previously been ignored by many in his attempt to bring attention to his cause. Kang even wrote to Prince Charles prior to the event.

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Things are much different now, King Charles III won’t put himself in harm’s way like the prince did during that visit to Australia. It is highly unlikely that he will make trips like that to countries where his life could be in any type of danger. Regardless of what happens, we now know King Charles III doesn’t even flinch when he hears gunshots.


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