North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un has said he will bolster his nuclear forces at “maximum speed” and claims he would use them if provoked.

The chilling remarks were made in a speech delivered at a military parade that featured the country’s collection of nuclear missiles and other weaponry.

A parade touring the deadly weapons through the streets was reportedly held to celebrate the 90th anniversary of North Korea’s army, with the celebration coming at a time where the country is still dealing with coronavirus pandemic woes.

The country is also facing US-led sanctions against its ownership and potential use of nuclear weapons.

The despot said the “fundamental mission” of their nuclear arsenal was to “deter war”

Speaking to troops gathered at the parade in Pyongyang plaza, Jong-Un said: “We will continue to implement measures aimed at strengthening and developing our country’s nuclear forces at the maximum speed.

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“The fundamental mission of our nuclear forces is to deter war, but if an undesirable situation emerges on our land, our nuclear forces cannot be limited to a single mission of preventing war.

“If any forces, regardless of who they are, try to infringe upon our fundamental interests, our nuclear forces will have no choice but to absolutely carry out its unexpected second mission.”

North Korea's leader made the nuclear admission at a military parade
North Korea’s leader made the nuclear admission at a military parade

The anniversary parade featured a variety of marching troops and modern weapons, including a missile that could potentially reach the US homeland, along with tanks, armoured vehicles and multiple rocket launchers, The National reported.

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Nuclear negotiations between the US and North Korea have stalled since their last talks in 2019 due to disagreements over the easing of US-led sanctions in exchange for North Korea’s disarmament.

North Korea has reportedly held 13 rounds of weapons tests this year, including the first flight of an intercontinental ballistic missile since 2017.

Reports also indicate that North Korea is rebuilding tunnels at a nuclear testing ground that was last active in 2017, possibly in preparation for the testing and subsequent explosion of a nuclear device.

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