Kim Jong-un declares war on pigeons after claiming they carry Covid from China

Kim Jong-un declares war on pigeons after claiming they carry Covid from China

Kim Jong-un has issued orders for pigeons to be “eliminated” as he believes they are spreading Covid-19.

The North Korean dictator declared war against the birds, which he claims are flying in from China with the disease.

Border town residents have been open firing at the birds as they fly over the border – but they aren’t the only animals facing the fate.

Authorities in Hyesan and Sinuiju have been given orders to “catch and eliminate” pigeons and stray cats, as they have also been blamed for the spread.

In Hyesan a family of four were forced into an isolation facility for secretly raising a cat.

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Kim Jong-un with a gun
The dictator has declared war on pigeons and stray cats

The family told the authorities that their cat had died but after it was spotted near a chainlink fence border patrol tried to capture it and failed.

It was last seen heading for a residential district and after two days of investigation, the owners of the cat were arrested.

“The family was given a punishment of 20 days,” a source told Daily NK.

Residents on the border of North Korea are open firing on pigeons flying in from China

Earlier this month, it was revealed North Korea’s dictator has reportedly banned the use of Chinese medicine at major hospitals across the country after the death of an official.

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The bureaucrat, who was in his 60s and suffering from a heart-related illness, is said to have been popular with Mr Jong-un, who became North Korea’s Supreme Leader in 2011 after the death of his father Kim Jong-il.

North Korea claims to have suffered no confirmed cases of Covid-19 during the pandemic, but is promoting medicines made domestically as foreign treatments are widely unavailable due to sanctions imposed by the United Nations.

It has been a busy month for the despot, who has outlawed skinny jeans and mullets in his latest efforts to keep young people under control and stop the “invasion of capitalistic lifestyle”.

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