Killings: Severe Food Crisis Loom In Nigeria As Farmers “Abandon” Harvest Due to Zabarmari Massacres

The ruthless killing of more than 43 farmers in Borno State by associated individuals with Boko Haram will decrease the agricultural instability in the state, farmers from the state said on Sunday.

They declared that the quantity of ranchers slaughtered in the assault could be more than 43, the same number of people were all the while missing.

They uncovered this in a proclamation gave to columnists in Abuja as a response to the demise of 43 rice ranchers who were killed on Saturday while collecting their harvests at Garin-Kwashebe rice field, about 20km north of Maiduguri.

The assertion endorsed by the Managing Director, Wal-Wanne Group, Abiso Kabi, said the tragic occurrence would cause flimsiness in the zone as well as would prompt neediness and make individuals be over-reliance on guide.

Kabi said the Koila Agro-Allied Nigeria Limited was the most influenced organization, as it lost a considerable lot of its ranchers to the assault.

He approached the Federal Government to enroll more people into the non military personnel joint team to help security in the state.

He said, “About 43 persons have been buried, but we are not sure these are the exact numbers that are dead because some people are still missing.

“We are tired of the situation, just when we thought we had got our farmlands back to support agricultural development and fight hunger in the country, we keep waking up to sad events.

“We can’t continue to go out to our farmlands and risk being killed by the insurgents.”

Kabi called on the government to come up with measures that would enhance public confidence in the security and intelligence agencies.

“We may be facing a severe food security crisis due to the destructive activities of bandits who are not only destroying farms but also killing farmers,” he said.

The president of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Kabiru Ibrahim, told Daily Trust on Sunday that some farmers had abandoned their harvests for fear of attacks.

He said many farmers had lost their investments and means of livelihood.


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