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Kids in North Korea to Spend 90 Mins Everyday to Learn About ‘Greatness’ of Kim Jong-un



A new course curriculum has been added to the syllabus of children at a young age in North Korea which require children to spend at least 90 minutes a day learning about their supreme leader Kim Jong-un

Notably, earlier, pre-school children had to attend only 30 minutes class on Kim Jong Un. Now they will have to spend one hour learning about the childhoods of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, and another 30 minutes learning “revolutionary” music from the leaders’ childhoods.NAIJA GIST TODAY,NIGERIAN CELEBRITY GISTS ,LATEST NEWS,NIGERIAN MUSICIANS ,LATEST NEWS,NIGERIAN MUSIC INDUSTRY ,LATEST NEWS,MUSICIANS, News, breaking news, latest news, Nigeria news, naija news, trending news, bbc news, vanguard news today, davido

According to reports, the new diktat has come from Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, who recently directed the changes in the “greatness education” curriculum at the country’s preschools nationwide.

Reportedly, Kim Yo Jong is emerging as the second most powerful person in North Korea and is now Kim Jong-un’s de facto deputy according to South Korean intelligence.

This new diktat on ‘Greatness Education’ which was introduced on August 25 is aimed at ”cultivating loyalty and trust toward North Korea’s leadership”, Seoul-based Daily NK reported.

The new curriculum reportedly tells preschoolers that Kim Jong Un was a highly intelligent child at just five years old, who “rode a yacht, did target practice, and liked to read”.


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