Khafi Speaks On How Mercy, Venita Attacked Ella On BBNaija Reunion


Big Brother Nigeria, Khafi, Mercy Eke, Venita, Ella,News, breaking news, latest news, Nigeria news, naija news, trending news, bbc news, vanguard news today, davido The ongoing Big Brother Reunion has been causing lots of stir on social media as the housemates and their fans are throwing shades at one and other. Big Brother Naija Reality TV star, Khafi Kareem has reacted to last night’s episode of the BBNaija Reunion show which saw Mercy and Venita attack Ella. Big Brother Nigeria, Khafi,  Mercy Eke, Venita, Ella,  News, breaking news, latest news, Nigeria news, naija news, trending news, bbc news, vanguard news today, davido

Ella was called a beggar and a liar by Mercy and Venita to the point that she cried on live television.

Mercy further made things worse for Ella by asking her if she does drugs

This didn’t sit well with Khafi who took to Twitter to reveal details of some of the ex-housemates.

Taking to the micro blogging platform, she wrote;

“I have decided I will not be uploading a diary session in response to #BBNaijaReunion.

“I just finished watching yesterday’s episode (I had only seen snippets) and am disgusted by how Ella was treated & what was permitted in light of such a sensitive situation.

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“The reunion show has become toxic and a line was definitely crossed yesterday. I have always said that whilst Big Brother Naija is a reality TV show for viewers, we must always remember that we are dealing with REAL people’s feelings and REAL people’s emotions.

“Depression and suicidal thoughts are REAL TOO and can easily be triggered by this pack mentality gang up and bullying that has been exhibited on the #BigBrotherNaijaReunion show thus far.

“No matter how much make up someone wears or how pretty they look or dress on the outside, it means nothing if our hearts are hardened towards our fellow human beings and we lack empathy and respect towards ourselves.

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“I stand for light and love and genuinely believe in being good to one another, even if we don’t get it right all the time. Some participants on this show however are standing for the complete opposite and I will not encourage this behaviour by engaging with it.

“This being said, I will no longer be commenting or responding to anything said on the show. Every single housemate has my number – it is in the WhatsApp group (aka the “safe space” that resulted in shaming someone on national television) yet not one person who has aired a grievance had picked up the phone to call me to discuss or make me aware of any ill feelings they had towards me beforehand, knowing full well I would not be present on the show.

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“This is despite the fact that myself and these persons have previously spoken on the phone jovially & would smile upon seeing me in public, assuring me that all had been forgiven & “what happened in the house stays in the house”, only for the show to uncover what was being harboured behind my back all this time.

“I hold no hard feelings towards anyone and DID mean it when I said all was forgiven, but I understand that we all grow differently. For those who choose to continuously slander others in order to draw attention to themselves, I do hope it is worth it in the long run”.



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