Key benefits of adding a stainless steel wall shelf to your commercial kitchen

Key benefits of adding a stainless steel wall shelf to your commercial kitchen

Creating and organizing spaces for similar items and objects that are usually used in food prep processes greatly helps the staff since it is much straightforward to find what you are seeking instantly. Thus, a stainless steel wall shelf can transform even the tightest kitchens into a well-arranged working zone where personnel must implement hundreds of cooking tasks daily. Install several stainless steel wall shelves and divide them into separate sections for ingredients, utensils, or cookware. In such a way you will not suffer due to a messy environment where all items are chaotically placed but will relocate the surroundings neatly, keeping the prep and storage spaces tidy.

For restaurant shelving, stainless steel is the most preferable material. Stainless steel is ideal for commercial purposes because it repels dirt. Moreover, the staff can remove odors and work stains by applying the soft sponge or cloth soaked in a soapy solution. Also, you won’t detect scratches and other signs of intensive use, such as stains. Unlike the porous wooden surface, the steel is characterized by low absorption. Therefore, it does not absorb moisture, chemicals, grime, it is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, easy to maintain, clean, and disinfect in order to deal with the most harmful germs. Thus, stainless steel wall shelves deliver excellence and functionality through the entire operational period.

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Top reasons for investing in stainless steel wall mounted units

Maximum efficiency. Due to the fact that the staff of a restaurant, bar, or cafe does not have to look for what they need in the drawers or cabinets, wasting time and making a mess, they can gain the highest level of productivity. In addition, vertical shelves are quite usable and can help to cope with the task of optimal organization of the space without reducing the size of the room. Such metal furniture can fully replace large in size racks, cupboards, and shelving systems that take up valuable inches of the kitchen.

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Top-notch look. Since stainless steel does not wear off, discolor, or lose its vibrant shine, commercial catering equipment complements and improves the design style of any kitchen of a crowded restaurant. A proven design solution is to combine several different textures for a dynamic effect. If you have wooden or plastic units, the steel can balance the environment. But remember that functionality and ergonomics come first, and only then you must take care of interior beauty.

Purest material ever. Obviously, the cleaning procedure must be handled regularly. Also, disinfection cannot be ignored. However, if wood or plastic shelves accumulate dirt and bacteria, require thorough treatment, and constant care for such type of restaurant shelving, stainless steel won’t bring you any trouble.

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Excellent weight capacity. Solid constructions that you can firmly attach to the wall can serve as a secure holder for the microwave oven. 

Perfectionist order. In a professional kitchen, everything you need for cooking should be close at hand, and in order to maintain order, it is recommended to use wall shelves.

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