Ken Erics Marriage Breaks Up Over Wife’s Secret Love Child

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safe website to buy accutane Nollywood actor Ken Erics has never courted any controversy before now,so it was with shock his fans reacted when his estranged wife Onyi Adaba commented on Instagram a few days back and hinted that he had moved out of their matrimonial home 7 months ago……


where can i buy Ivermectin According to sources,the reason for the crash of the Marriage is both ways…
Sources on his side claim that the actor is presently embarrassed and still crying over the negative publicity Onyi’s comment brought his way and that he walked out of the Marriage when he discovered that she had a love child she kept hidden…According to the sources ”She reverted to her maiden name the day her bride price was returned to his can you be married to someone who does not know that you have a love child?It took the gossip of outsiders for him to find out and the trust was completely broken and from then on things spiralled out of control and the centre could not longer is not a crime to be a single mum but why hide it from your man?”.

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”She was just trying to drag his name in the mud by commenting knowing very well that Ken hates drama and would never respond publicly.She knew hers would soon be breaking news and did it herself but forgot to include why it happened”.

Sources on her side allege that he was not open about his ways with her and did not give her a chance to explain herself to him…They say she is a very good woman and very private and hates drama of any sort…They also whisper that she is still madly in love with Ken and has been emotionally down since he left and that all the Instagram show off is just what it is – A show off!

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Both parties are not willing to speak to the press about what happened because they are private people and insiders allege it is only God that can intervene at this stage.


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