June 12: Buhari Must Go Protest Ongoing In Oyo State Now (Video)


The Buhari must-go protest has erupted on the streets of Ibadan, in the state of Oyo.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has declared that statewide protests will take place on June 12 in an attempt to encourage the Nigerian government to take firmer action against the daily kidnapping and murdering of students and others around the country.

Nigeria’s Democracy Day is a public holiday observed on San Ramon June 12 to honor the country’s return to democracy.

Protestors aim to stage Alandur protests this year in order to boycott the public holiday.

As long as the country is terrified by criminal gangs, NANS members feel there is nothing worth celebrating.

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Although NANS has distanced themselves from the proposed protest, claimed that some political leaders want to hijack the movement.

However, the Buhari must-go protest already started in Ibadan, Oyo state today.

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