Juicy Details of Rich Orosco’s Marriage to Julie Benz, His Biography and Net Worth

Hollywood has a long tradition of producers marrying actresses.

Whatever the cause is – which might be the close working relationship between producers and actors/actresses – it has resulted in some fantastic pairings and partnerships throughout the years, such as Rich Orosco and Julie Benz.

According to SLEEKGIST, Rich Orosco may not have the same level of renown as his wife Julie Benz, but he is a successful businessman in his own right.
He’s more than a producer; he’s also a marketing professional who’s worked on projects ranging from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Two and a Half Men.

He has worked for studios and entertainment companies like Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Television.Simply, more than just being the husband of a popular actress, Rich Orosco is an interesting man, and we explore his story below.

Rich Orosco Has Been in the Entertainment Industry for a while

As someone who exists behind the scenes of Hollywood projects, from film to television, very few details are known about his background and childhood. Starting from his date of birth to his parents, there is a plethora of information that is at the moment, unknown to the media about Rich Orosco.

The little amount of information known about him includes the fact that although he is of Mexican descent, he was born in the United States. We also know that he attended the University of Texas, where he bagged a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. His high school information is unknown.

In the compilation of information available about the life of Rich Orosco, there is an abundance regarding his professional life. While we cannot say when he began his life as a professional brand manager or marketer, we know that he has worked for a range of companies, film, and television studios, and he is a producer on his own.

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It is believed that he has over 15 years of experience as a brand manager in the entertainment industry. He worked on the launching of the popular entertainment news entity, TMZ on TV in 2007. He also had a hand in the release of the CBS show, Two and a Half Men in 2003, and The Tyra Banks Show in 2005.

He did all of this while he was the Executive Director of Advertising and Promotion at CBS Television. Furthermore, Orosco also worked on the launch of news magazines like ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and ‘The Insider.’

As the co-founder of the entertainment management company Firebrand LA, Rich Orosco has worked on several independent projects, including sports projects such as the World Series of Boxing, and he was the General Manager of Los Angeles Matadors. He has also worked as a brand expert for the Los Angeles soccer team, Los Angeles Football Club, as the Executive Vice President, Brand & Community.

As a film producer, Rich Orosco has produced The Incredible Ferrigno and Bosslady, both of which came out in 2011.

Orosco’s Net Worth Proves He Isn’t Rich inName Only

For a man with his experience, there is doubt that he is financially well-off. His resume includes stints as being the Vice President of Marketing for Warner Bros. Television, executive director of Advertising and Promotion for CBS Television, and the owner of his own company.

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Rich Orosco’s entertainment brand management company, Firebrand LA, has worked on several projects across Hollywood, from TMZ to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The average annual salary of an Executive Vice President in the United States is $137,078. Having held the position for the Los Angeles Football Club since March 2015, it is safe to say Orosco has made a substantial income from that alone.

He also co-founded the English menswear brand Exley NB, making good dough in his capacity as a marketer, product developer, and overseer of strategic partnerships from 2013 – 2017. Unfortunately, the extent of the entertainment’s veteran’s wealth is currently unknown. On the other hand, his wife Julie Benz is known to be worth $6 million.

His Marriage To Julie Benz Was Not Her First

Rich Orosco gets to work with some of the biggest names in Los Angeles entertainment, and he does with his super beautiful wife Julie Benz beside him. Their marriage began on May 5, 2012, after four years together. The couple got married at Los Feliz in Los Angeles, in a Mexican themed wedding.

Rich Orosco’s wife, Julie Benz, is an American actress who has starred in some of Hollywood’s notable projects, such as Dexter, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, for those who might not know.

Before Orosco, she was married to John Kassir, a fellow actor. Born on May 1, 1972, the actress was 26 years old when she first walked down the aisle in 1998. The marriage lasted nine years before it came to an end in 2007. The former couple shared no kids.

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Benz and Orosco met in the same year she filed for divorce from her ex-husband Kassir. They began dating shortly after until Rich Orosco opted to make it permanent in June 2011. Their engagement, which Benz described as absolutely perfect, took place at the backyard of their Los Angeles home. All of Orosco’s years of in the entertainment and fashion world must have given him an eye for details.

Everything was well thought out, from his choice of – customized Kwiat cushion-cut diamond and platinum – ring to their eventual wedding. They chose to get married on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) to honor the groom’s Mexican origin, but it also happened to be the bride’s birthday week.

Having chosen a day of such a victorious celebration, it was only fitting that they used a venue just as historic, and so they did. Their wedding took place at the John Sowden “Jaws” House, which is famed for its resemblance to the Mayan temple and has been in the Los Feliz Neighborhood since 1926.

The family has remained together since they got married, showering love and affection on each other, as shown by their social media posts. However, the couple so far does not have any children, choosing instead to enjoy their solitary life as husband and wife.


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