Amazon founder Jeff Bezos toasted in the New Year at a party in St. Barts alongside his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

Once physically unremarkable, the multi-billionaire, 57, has been piling on the muscle and the internet has taken notice.

Instagram and Twitter users remarked that Bezos, clad in white trousers, a patterned shirt, and heart-shaped shades, resembled the Miami rapper Pitbull, who had a hit single called Hotel Room Service.

Parker Molloy tweeted a picture of Bezos and Sanchez on New Years with the caption: “Jeff Bezos inches closer to becoming Pitbull”.

For good measure, Molloy followed through with a picture of Pitbull, nicknamed Mr Worldwide, also rocking the bald and butch look for a comparison.

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Jeff Bezos was mocked for ‘inching closer to Pitbull’ in the Amazon founder’s new look

The tweet has gone viral and been liked 95,000 times and shared 10,000 times.

One user said: “I swear I thought that was Pitbull.”

While another said: “Pitbull is arguably cooler.”

Responses to the comparison of the tech tycoon and the rapper ranged from gentle mockery to unabashed insults.

Jeff Bezos is the world's second richest person with an estimated net worth of $202 billion.
Jeff Bezos is the world’s second richest person with an estimated net worth of $202 billion

One user punned: “Mr. Worldwide Shipping”.

Another user said: “The late 70s called; they’d like their…well, their everything back.”

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To which someone replied: “This just in: The late 70s just found out who they’d be getting everything back from and said, “Oh, never mind.”

Lisa B said: “Adage: Richer the guy, more embarrassing the midlife crisis.”

The comparison goes back several years to when pictures of Bezos’ body transformation and new fashion style first began to turn heads online.

Pitbull's trademark look entails tight clothing and sunglasses.
Pitbull’s trademark look entails tight clothing and sunglasses

One user re-shared a post from 2019 which read: “I was at @Princeton this weekend and am pleased to report that the undergraduates at this elite institution are hard at work on the world’s problems, like proving that Jeff Bezos and Pitbull are the same person.”

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Bezos told his Instagram followers that the New Year was a time for “personal growth”.

He wrote: “We had so much fun last night celebrating with a crazy disco party with family, but the new year is also a great time to take stock and focus on personal growth, renewal, rebirth, and paying careful attention to each moment of your life. The good and the bad. All of it. Celebrate and grow.”

His girlfriend responded with: “I love you baby. For every reason and no reason.”

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