Jackie B Bbnaija Biography, Net Worth, Cars And Houses

According to SLEEKGIST, born in a northern state Jackie Bent is one of Big Brother Naija 2021 Season 6’s talented and stunning female roommates. Jackie Bent, the house’s third female inhabitant, is poised to infuse the environment with positive energy.

Since she was introduced as one of the show’s candidates, Jackie Bent has acquired a large following. Fans are curious to learn more about the curvy and gorgeous Jackie Bent, and your curiosity will be answered in this post.

Jackie B Bbnaija Profile

Jackie B Bbnaija
Name Jackie Bent
Nick Name Jackie B
Date of Birth 1st December 1992
Age 29
Nationality Nigerian
State of Origin Adamawa
Occupation Interior designer, Events/ wedding planner
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Jackie B Bbnaija Biography

Jackie B is a proud mother of one, who believes in success and hard work. She hails from Adamawa state, in the northern part of Nigeria. She grew up amongst twelve siblings and is the daughter of the daughter of former senator for Adamawa state,  hazardously Grace Folashade Bent who she is very fond of and says a lot of good things about on her social media handle. Her mother, Mrs Grace Folashade Bent was a former Nigerian senator who was elected in April 2007 on the  can you buy Lyrica online People Democratic Party platform for the Adamawa South Constituency. Jackie B BBNaija grew up with her family in a modest apartment and a modest lifestyle.

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Though her mother is influential and wealthy, Jackie B BBNaija still desires to be self-accomplished so that she can take care of herself and her children.

Jackie B Bbnaija Education

Jackie B Bbnaija Education

Jackie B BBNaija had her primary and secondary school education in Nigeria before travelling to the United Kingdom to obtain her degree. Details of the University and course she undertook in the United Kingdom are yet to be known.

Jackie B Bbnaija Career

Jackie B Bbnaija Career
Jackie B Bbnaija Career

Being a believer in success and hard work, Jackie B BBNaija is a skillful interior designer and certified wedding/events, planner. Jackie B BBNaija has made tremendous progress in her career which earned her recognition and lots of money to fend for herself and her son.

Top Personal Facts Every Fan Of Jackie B Bbnaija Must Know About Her

  1. Jackie B BBNaija is a shy person and describes herself as an ‘introverted extrovert’.
  2. She is a lover of adventure because she gets bored easily.
  3. Jackie B BBNaija takes pride in being able to take care of herself and family.
  4. She does whatever she wants when she wants to because she trusts her judgement.
  5. Jackie B BBNaija is a resourceful and a very creative person who enjoys making life beautiful.
  6. She is an optimist driven by money and success.
  7. She loves good company, loves to dance and listen to good music.
  8. Even though she is shy, Jackie B BBNaija insists she is a confident person.
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Jackie B Bbnaija Personal Family And Relationship

Jackie B Bbnaija and Son
Jackie B Bbnaija and Son

Jackie B BBNaija is a single mother with a son whom she loves and adores. She claims that she got pregnant when she was 18 years, which was her first time having sex. She gave birth to her son, whom she named Nathan in the United Kingdom. According to her, coming to the Big Brother Naija house will make her distance from her son. It’s the only regret she has as she has never spent such a long time away from her beloved son.

As of now, Jackie B BBNaija has not revealed if she is in any relationship at the moment. Who knows, she just might get into one in the BBNaija house.

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Jackie B Bbnaija Net Worth

Jackie B BBNaija has had several accomplishments from her job as an interior designer and events/wedding planner. Her net worth is estimated at $37,000. She is currently amongst the contenders for the 90 million NGN grand prize in the reality show.

Jackie B Bbnaija Cars

Jackie B Bbnaija Cars
Jackie B Bbnaija Cars

Jackie B B BBNaija is a woman with an influential mother. As of the time of this writing, we don’t have details of any personal car she owns or drives.

Jackie B Bbnaija House

As of the time of this writing, personal houses owned by Jackie B BBNaija are not known.

Jackie B Bbnaija Social Media

Jackie B BBNaija is very active on her social media pages, especially Instagram. Since she came into the spotlight when she joined the housemate in the Shine Ya Eye edition of the Big Brother Naija show, her number of followers has multiplied. She has over 280k followers on her Instagram page. You can follow her on Instagram @thejackiebent.


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