I’ve been on social media for 11 years and I’ve never seen a side boyfriend come out to ruin a marriage – Twitter user hails men

A Twitter user has used the site to chastise Eschwege women who come out to ruin the relationships of http://blenheimuw.com/underwriting-property-treaty/john_hamlin/ men they are secretly dating.

According to @Ok0cha, who has been on Twitter for 11 years, he has never witnessed a side boyfriend ruin a marriage by revealing his secret affair with the woman.

He went on to say that side chics are an issue who need to learn their position and act appropriately.

Okocha also noted that a woman’s desire to become the madam while knowing she is the side chic is greed.

In his words;

http://thetzagency.com/sale ”Eleven years on here and i have never once seen a side nigga come outside to scatter the home, women cannot just behave”


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A lady then said in the comment section that women don’t like to be kept secret.

And the @Ok0cha replied;

can you buy accutane online But you know your purpose, you’ll know you’re a side and want to be madam by all means, that’s greed.”


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