“It’s The Bane Of My Existence”: Snoop Dogg’s Youthful Zimbabwe Lookalike Speaks On Similarities To American Rapper

“It’s The Bane Of My Existence”: Snoop Dogg’s Youthful Zimbabwe Lookalike Speaks On Similarities To American Rapper

A private chef from Zimbabwe who bears a striking similarity to American rapper Snoop Dogg has opened up on the perceived similarities.

David Mereki, who stays in Harare’s Marlborough suburb, has revealed that the perceived similarity to Snoop Dogg has been the bane of his existence.

Ironically, Mereki himself shrugged off any claims of resemblance to the 50-year-old American rapper, saying he does not see it.

However, it seems that everyone around him has a different opinion. Most people don’t even bother to use his name and just call him Snoop.

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This initially irritated the 35-year-old. However, they gradually wore him down until he got used to it and accepted it.

When iHarare reached out to him, Mereki said,


“Every single day, or should I say I’m now used to it.

“It’s always snoop all the time; I really don’t see it myself, but it looks like most people do.”


[Photos: Supplied & Instagram/Snoop Dogg]


Mereki’s experiences are in stark contrast to those of Eric Finch, who has cashed in on his resemblance to Snoop Dogg.

Finch is a professional look-alike, in part due to his uncanny resemblance to rapper Snoop Dogg.

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He has been portraying Snoop Dogg at parties and on television for years now.

While Finch admitted the look-alike gig can sometimes get tedious when he’s just living his life, he wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Finch loves to perform, saying the best part of his unusual gig is meeting new people and making people happy.

“I’ll take whatever comes,” he told Culture Trip in 2019. “It’s not about the fame and the fortune. It’s about something I enjoy doing. It’s breathtaking to me. There are no words that can even describe what it feels like to be an entertainer.”

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