It is not the duty of a man to take care of his wife’s family – Lady writes

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Shirone A twitter user identified as @Queen_minic has made a controversial post regarding the duty of a husband towards his wife’s family members.

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buy ivermectin According to Queen, no man should see it as an obligation to take care of his wife’s parents and siblings, adding that it is the sole responsibility of the woman to hustle and send money to her family.

She further urged all ladies to be financially independent and stop relying on their husbands for everything.

In her words;

“The Duty of your husband is not to take care of your immediate family. Have something doing.
It is your responsibility to take care of your family (siblings and parents)not that of your husband. Let it be his CHOICE to do. Don’t FORCE it on him Sis.”

See screenshot below;

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