It Ended In Tears! In Pictures: Ze Shozi Celebrating Her DIVORCE Divides Mzansi

Pictures| Ze Shozi Celebrating Her DIVORCE Divides Mzanzi

Songstress Sithelo Shozi’s sister Ze has divided Mzansi after taking to social media to celebrate her divorce.

Ze Shozi is reported to have separated from her ex-husband Monwabisi Mcinga at a time when her sister Sithelo is going through her own relationship woes.

Taking to the photo-sharing platform Instagram, Ze shared a photo of herself holding a cake.

The cake was inscribed with the words “Divorced AF.”



However, reactions to Ze Shozi’s divorce celebrations were mixed on Mzansi social media.

Some people argued about the appropriateness of the post. Many people, women, in particular, argued that people should be celebrated for leaving unhappy relationships.

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Others decried the celebrations, saying they were over the top and claimed they showed that Ze was still hung up over her failed marriage.



Idk what the reason for their divorce is, but seeing women leave toxic marriages always makes me happy. That’s never an easy decision to make.


this is weird



What’s there to celebrate, though?? Just heal and deeply reflect quietly, pick up the lessons and move. All these are signs of a broken person probably trying to get back at the ex in the most petty way.


Leaving a toxic marriage/relationship or anything for that matter is an achievement, but people always wanna look at it as failure.

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Leaving a toxic marriage is a W.


Celebrating divorce is one thing; going ahead and writing “af” after divorced is mental.



Divorce settlements seem to be one of the most lucrative businesses out here.


Everyone is saying she’s sad… do you guys know what it’s like to break up with someone & feel relieved? Like you’ve been through hell & now you’re free… I’m not saying that’s what’s going on here, but don’t assume.

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