A memorial for Will Coogan appeared in an episode of Alan Partridge’s This Time series. Find out if Will was connected to Steve Coogan, if any, and more about his background here.

Steve Coogan is an actor, producer, comedian, and screenwriter, but he is most widely recognized for his portrayal of Alan Partridge in a number of comedic works. Since 2019, the 55-year-old actor has portrayed Alan Partridge on This Time with Alan Partridge.

Although Steve has won numerous honors for his acting work in both television and cinema, he is not one to share details of his personal life. On the other hand, the BBC audience wanted additional information after seeing the tribute on Friday, June 4th.

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Today with Alan Partridge: A Tribute from Will Coogan

“Dedicated to the memory of Will Coogan 1991 – 2021” was the final line of the sixth episode of Season 2 of This Time with Alan Partridge.

In the end, Death Came at The Young Age of 29 for Him.

Tweets from BBC show watchers inquiring about Will’s identity and his possible ties to Steve Coogan abound.

Whose Family Will Coogan Related To?

Will’s dad, Martin, is Steve’s brother. The loss of their son earlier in 2021 was devastating for Martin and Joanne. Martin played in a band called The Mock Turtles. According to IMDb, he has contributed to the TV shows Steve has produced by working in the music department and composing music for Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge in 2016.

Is Will Coogan Related to Alan Partridge Actor Steve Coogan? This Time Tribute to Will Coogan Explored

His late son, Will, and his current daughter, Mary Joanna, are both brilliant musicians, so it’s clear that he passed on his love of music to them. Previously, Mary Joanna uploaded songs to her channel on YouTube. In the Mary Joanna Band, she and her brother were also featured, singers.

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Through Will Coogan’s Eyes

Will Coogan’s sister Mary Joanna sent a touching tribute to her brother on Instagram on March 2, 2021. Mary Joanna showed out six photos on a slideshow, all of which were of her beloved late brother. Some viewers of the photographs remarked, “I adore him wearing your jumper (posing/not posing) He was a really v cool person.”

Somebody else remarked, “What a beautiful friendship you’ve always had dear girl, your link can never be severed.”

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