Is Diamond Platnumz Sick: Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack, popularly regarded by his degree name Diamond Platnumz, is a Tanzanian bongo Flava recording artist, dancer, philanthropist, and businessman of Ha heritage. People are extra curious to realize approximately Is Diamond Platnumz Sick. In this article, we will locate facts approximately Is Diamond Platnumz Sick.

Is Diamond Platnumz Sick? Sunday became the wrong day for Tanzanian tune celebrity Diamond Platinumz in the back of spending Christmas in a sanatorium mattress. The internationally praised Bongo big name published photographs of him within the medical institution on his Instagram web page, with nurses with the aid of his side setting a drip.

He appeared to be in ache and intense notion in one of the images, which he captioned “Bad Christmas This Year.” However, diamond did no longer yet reveal what he was laid low with to his fanatics, who needed him a short recovery.

What Happened To Diamond Platnumz? The tune multi-millionaire transferred a video on Christmas Day displaying him in a health center mattress. Diamond regarded in pain and was installed to a pulse oximeter, a heart rate gadget. Another photograph displayed a physician tending to the artiste as he shut his eyes, reputedly in pain.

A clip published to his Instagram stories discovered Diamond with a drop in his arm. The Amaboko hitmaker diagnosed that it become now not a first-rate day for him, writing: “Bad Christmas this yr.” Fans wanted him a brief recovery, however others puzzled whether or not it changed into an advertising stunt.

Who Is Diamond Platnumz? Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack turned into born on 2 October 1989, popularly regarded through his level call Diamond Platnumz; he’s a Tanzanian bongo Flava recording artist, dancer, philanthropist, and businessman of Ha historical past. He is the author and CEO of WCB Wasafi Record Label, Wasafi Bet, and Wasafi Media. Diamond has earned a large cult in East and Central Africa. He evolved the primary Africa-primarily based artist to reach a blended general of 1 billion perspectives on YouTube.

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Diamond Platnumz Girlfriends List Diamond Platnumz has been within the song agency for some time overlooking the East African area. Therefore, one might be excused for thinking that Diamond’s dominance blocks his song. However, with regards to women, it is not a secret that he is a pro, the best there’s! He has the taste and finesses along with his picks. He is unrivaled in this area, therefore making him a crown as a playboy. Usually, one might be assumed to be a playboy for courting 3 or four women. However, Platnumz dated now not three, now not 4 or 5, however eleven women and counting.

1. Rehema Fabian We kick off Diamond Platnumz’s lady friend’s list with Rehema Fabian. Rehema Fabian declared that she changed into as soon as worried with Platnumz and that the musician had promised to wed her. The romance befell earlier than he became an orthodox musician. Rehema is a model and assumes she contributed considerably to Platnumz’s fulfillment.

2. Upendo Mush Platnumz and Upendo Mushi dated for months at the begin of his music profession. Mushi is a Bongo Flava actress. She has publicly declared that her relationship with Diamond is the maximum unfavorable she has ever had. She declared she left him due to the fact he did not satisfy her as she wished he did.

3. Aunt Ezekiel Aunt Ezekiel is one of the finest names inside the Bongo Flava performing scene. It gossips that she once had an affair with Platnumz.

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4. Wema Sepetu Wema Sepetu is a well-known Tanzanian film actress. Wema Sepetu and Platnumz have dated twice. They split up the primary time because Diamond cheated on considered one of Wema’s friends. They would sooner or later reconcile, however the relationship caved in again, with the 2 pushing on with their lives. The relationship couldn’t be salvaged due to the fact Diamond cheated numerously, starting up Wema to walk out.

5. Penny Mungilwa Penny Mungilwa became just another fling with which Simba needed to quench his insatiable appetite. He had been fooling on Wema with Jokate Mwegelo and the two with Penny Mungilwa. Penny was Jokate’s friend before this occurred. The courting did now not appear, and Simba went again into the welcoming palms of Wema Sepetu one time more.

6. Jokate Mwegelo Jokate is appealing and Wema Sepetu’s maximum extensive regret while dating Simba. Jokate changed into Sepetu’s first-class friend at the time. Unknown to Sepetu, Jokate and Diamond set a relationship behind her lower back. However, things changed fast from pals to enemies when it emerged that Jokate had betrayed Sepetu.

7. Jacqueline Wolperhttps
With Simba, the entirety he desires, he receives. Jacqueline is one of those examples wherein musicians have an affair with girls they have got accomplished with. Jacqueline Wolper first of all worked as a video vixen in a number of his songs. Things then changed as the 2 became worried, even though very tinny turned into acknowledged regarding the affair.

Eight. Zari Hassan Zari Hassan is a Ugandan socialite who has businesses in South Africa. It became certainly one of Simba’s most serious relationships, and he has two youngsters to reveal for it. The boss lady is one of the girls who’ve worked to have a long dating with Diamond. During their moment collectively, they have been coveted as an indicator of celebrity couples, Nillan and Tiffah. The two produce other kids with additional companions. The two splits after rumors of Simba cheating evolved painfully for Zari. Diamond Platnumz and Zari are assumed to have the proper courting even after breaking apart.

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9. Hamisa Mobetto Hamisa Mobeto is a Tanzanian video vixen featured in one in every of Diamond’s tunes. Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz had their second in a dating that did not remaining lengthy. However, they had a son they known as Dylan in their brief spell collectively. Hamisa and Diamond’s romance happened at the same time as he changed into still courting Zari.

10. Tunda Sebastian Simba kidded around with Tunda Sebastian for a quick at the same time as in antisocial 2017. Tunda is a Tanzanian socialite who hangs round with stars in Tanzania. However, while Tunda cease her fling, she centered on Clouds TV presenter Casto Dickson.

Eleven. Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna is a Kenya media person and model dating Diamond for approximately three hundred and sixty five days. The newly introduced that they may be watching for a toddler. In addition, there has been gossip approximately Diamond Platnumz’s wedding ceremony, however professional information has but to be made. As prolonged as that is the case, it remains to be seen that Tanasha will be Diamond Platnumz’s spouse.

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