An urban explorer took a look inside an eerie asylum, built in the 1800s, where a nurse went missing and several murders went unsolved.

Johnny Ashley, the author of the ‘Hood in the Woods’ books on abandoned properties, took a visit to Western Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia, to dive into its mysterious past and creepy remains.

In a series of images the asylum, which was built between 1858 and 1881 but closed in 1994, has been left as an empty shell with rotting paint coming down from the walls and ceilings.

While it looks almost perfect from the outside, rust has taken over the metal cupboards and cage-style doors and windows that once locked in the most sickening history.

A rusted cage-style door used to lock in insane patients

Among the huge, brightly coloured rooms there were once a string of dark events including unsolved murders and paedophiles sharing living spaces with children at the facility.

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Johnny explained: “Built to house 250 patients it ultimately held 2,600 in the ’50s. There were multiple other buildings on the land, serving multiple purposes which changed with need, all for medical if not mental health.

“One building was used for a tuberculosis hospital then after a cure was found was turned into a hospital for the criminally insane.

Western Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston, WV
Some belonging from the patients at Western Allegheny Lunatic Asylum remain

“Any reason could get you set there, even abandoned wives were sent there.

“Although races were segregated, people committed for molesting children could live next to children.

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“General Stonewall Jackson was raised here as an orphan although the big building hadn’t been built yet. Lobotomy was a common treatment for mentally ill patients.

Western Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston, WV
The cupboards have rusted and paint is peeling away from the wall

“Dr Freeman performed 228 lobotomies in two weeks at the hospital. He was a travelling doctor and his arrival would cause patients to run and hide.

“Several unsolved murders also happened here, including a nurse who disappeared and whose body was found 2 months later at the bottom of a set of unused stairs.

“Another time there was a fire in the building, instead of pulling the fire alarm and causing panic, the nurse pulled the dinner bell bring 390 patients calmly into another building.

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Western Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston, WV
Facebook fans claim the halls of the asylum are haunted

“As the population grew, the hospital became understaffed leading to a decline in care for the patients.

“The conditions went from bad to worse. 50,000 people are buried here, they do not represent all that died, only those whose body was not collected by family. After the changes to treatment in the 80’s most of the patients were released.

“Others who were too unstable to be released weren’t. When the facility was closed then most unruly patients were found locked in cages.”

Western Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston, WV
Paedo patients would share living spaces with children at the asylum

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Facebook fans were left shocked by the history of the building, claiming there are still lost souls living in the building.

One user said: “Oh my, would never go in there with the many lost souls lingering.”

Another wrote: “I can’t imagine how haunted it is.”

A third added: “Wow! If these walls could talk!”

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