Indian Youths Are Getting High From Flavoured Condoms


Indian youths are shocking the rest of the world as they reportedly get high from flavoured condoms.

As a result, the demand for flavoured condoms has shot up in the Asian country, and most stores fail to keep up.

OP India reported that one shop owner was surprised by the increased demand for flavoured condoms and inquired.

He asked a young man who is a regular customer at his shop. The young man reportedly told the shop owner that he regularly buys condoms to get intoxicated.

The shop owner said:

Earlier, three to four packets of condoms were sold daily. And now packs of condoms are disappearing from a store,” a shopkeeper of a medical store told the outlet.


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When flavoured condoms are soaked in hot water, some alcoholic compound, polyurethane, is released. The liquid is then left for hours, sometimes overnight, before the youths drink it.


Shock As Indian Youths Are Getting High From Flavoured Condoms [Image: Friends of UNFPA]

Officials claimed that the concoction gives the students a high for almost 10 to 12 hours.

Dheeman Mandal, who works at Durgapur Divisional Hospital,  located in the Indian town where this strange phenomenon is rampant, said:


Condoms contain aromatic compounds. It breaks down to form alcohol, and it is addictive. This aromatic compound is also found in dendrites glue. So many people use dendrite for addiction also.


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Drinking this water can cause intoxication and addiction. If consumed repeatedly, it will negatively impact the lungs and kidneys and harm the body’s nervous system.

Long-term use of this can lead to mental abnormalities, including violent behaviour, unconsciousness, and [in some instances] even death.

Many people have been experimenting with unusual substances to create drugs that keep them high.

In South Africa, people mix low-grade heroin, cannabis products, antiretroviral drugs and other materials to create nyaope which they smoke.

In Zimbabwe, young people make crystal meth and mix it with substances from energy saver bulbs.

People snort, swallow, or even inject bath salts in some countries to get high.

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