Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has assured fans that a movie uniting Superman and Black Adam is feasible.

When asked if he plans to develop a film in which Black Adam battles Superman, Johnson said, “Absolutely” in a recent interview with CinemaBlend. In fact, that is the goal of this exercise altogether.

According to Johnson, “a new era in the DC Universe is about to begin,” which is something he has been stating for some time. What I had in mind was presenting a fresh personality.

It’s not a continuation of an already established IP. Well, it was Black Adam, of course. A mere two years ago, nobody had heard of him. We did, but apparently not the majority of people out there. When I said, “This is a new period in the DC Universe,” what I meant was that we were actively considering fan feedback. And we’re giving the fans exactly what they want.

Nonetheless, you may rest assured that we’ll always be paying attention. And in this particular case, I have been listening and wishing to address supporters for years,” he added.

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Dwayne Johnson has been waiting for someone to inform the fans that their input is being considered and appreciated, and he finally feels that time has come.

I’ve been waiting for somebody to speak to the audience and say “Hey, we hear you.” So, after many months, which turned into years, we arrived at this point. And now, everything is geared toward this brand-new age. The time has come to expand.

In response to a question about who would win between Batman and Superman in a fight, a 50-year-old ex-wrestler said at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, California, “Pound for pound they’re very close… it probably all depends on who’s portraying Superman.”

In a Recent Interview, Dwayne Johnson Stated, I Want to Make a Black Adam vs Superman Movie 'That's the Whole Point,'

In “Black Adam,” a former slave emerges in the present day after being imprisoned for nearly 5,000 years.

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Black Adam, endowed with the abilities of the Egyptian gods, emerges from his tomb to bring his own brand of justice to the modern world.

On Oct. 21, the movie will be released to the public.

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