If Your Child Suffers From Convulsion, Don’t Panic, Just Do These 5 Things

Parenthood comes with a lot of difficulties and challenges. One of the most terrifying experiences any parent can witness is looking at his or her child suffer convulsions also known as Febrile Convulsions. It is terrifying and can make any parent think the child is dying but it is one of the natural occurrences that requires the use of wisdom and carefulness.

Most times, children or toddlers suffer from Convulsions after experiencing long term fever but the good news you should take note before commencing, is that Convulsions don’t kill children, it only happens after the brain releases electrical charge into the body which makes the child jerk and lose consciousness.

In this article, we will be discussing the first aid to Convulsions every parent must know. Just sit tight and enjoy the article.

Most Convulsions don’t last more than 5-10 mins and after that the child would fall into a deep sleep that will last close to 2 hours. But before that, whenever your child suffers from convulsion, don’t start carrying him about, just do the things below;

1. Place the child on a soft surface preferably, on the bed.

2. Prevent Choking by laying the child or toddler by his side or stomach. Ensure he or she is breathing well.

3. Never place anything inside the child’s mouth during convulsions. I’ve seen some parents putting spoon inside the child’s mouth, but that is wrong.

4. Gently clean saliva from the child’s mouth with a clean cloth.

5. Keep the baby in a relaxed condition and allow him or her to rest pending the arrival of the doctor if need be.

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Your child won’t experience brain damage from a Convulsion or die but you must handle the child well pending the arrival of the doctor only when you notice the child is unable to breathe.

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