If You Have Water Leaf in Your Home, You Are Very Lucky- here are Ten (10) Things You Can Do With it

Waterleaf is a vegetable that is known by numerous names. Its names incorporate Ceylon spinach, Florida spinach, Surinam Purslane, cariru, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

in Yoruba language, Waterleaf is called (Efo Gbure) it is a very good vegetable with super benefit to mankind. The botanical name of Waterleaf is Talinum triangulare. Waterleaf is an edible leafy vegetable that belongs to the Portulacea family.

1. Does water leaf improve blood clothing?

Waterleaf has a great effect on the blood which makes it one of the vegetables which have to be incorporated into our daily meal due to its effectiveness.

Warer leaf helps in the improvement of blood clotting and prevents new ones from forming just like thrombus which might be formed in ones of the blood vessels interfering with the flow of blood.

2. Does water Leaf promote eye health?


Maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes. Research indicates that vitamin A can slow the progression of retinal disease, reduce the risk of cataracts, and improve low-light vision. Waterleaf is a good source of vitamin A.

3. Does water leaf promote heart health?


Yes it does

Waterleaf, when consumed on a daily basis, perform a key role in maintaining the body system. It helps to keep the heart healthy by regulating its activities; it also helps in reducing the risks of heart-related diseases(e.g stroke) by adequately supplying the right amount of blood and oxygen to the necessary areas.

4. Does water leaf eliminate diseases?

Water leaf contains certain properties such as antibacterial properties, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help to suppress the growth of bacteria, fungi and inflammatory diseases in the body.

Waterleaf consumption has been locally used in the treatment and prevention of some health conditions, e.g Atherosclerosis.

The leaf should be washed and properly squeezed to extract the juice which has to be taken orally.

5. Does water leaf help to eases indigestion?

Water leaf contains more proteins, more pectin (a food fibre that helps digestion), and also have high level of vitamin B, essential amino acids, omega3-fatty acids, resins, iron, calcium, copper, lead, manganese and zinc. It is also a rich source of carotenoids, vitamin C, A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, alpha and beta tocopherols. Proper food digestion is essential for preventing gastrointestinal disorders such as indigestion, constipation, flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


6. Does eating waterleaf as soup helps to regulate diabetes?

Waterleaf is packed with essential antioxidants and soluble fibres that act as a mild laxative. For this reason if you want to treat any irregularities in your body and restore your body to normalcy, eat enough waterleaf. It regulates the blood sugar level because it has Talinum triangulare, which is essential for managing diabetes mellitus.

7. Does water leaf increases Immune System?

Vitamin C inside of Waterleaf is a vitamin that helps to increase body resistance to disease and restore the body.’s condition after activity or daily activities in order to re-fit body. Therefore, consume waterleaf may boosts your immune system.

8. Does water leaf maximizes Brain Function?

With iron inside of Waterleaf fulfilled then the man will feel the maximum health. For, among the benefits of iron for the body is to strengthen the muscle and performance of the human brain. Iron in the body found in the muscle tissue that functions in supplying oxygen to the muscles in the body. In addition, iron is also beneficial for the development of the human brain. The human brain needs more than 20% of blood oxygen to work optimally. If brain iron deficiency then he will not be able to think clearly and quickly dizziness.

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9. Does water leaf good for pregnant women for consumption?

Waterleaf is good and safe for pregnant women and growing children, as it boosts their blood levels. Waterleaf should be part of pregnant women’s diet as the vegetable helps to prevent anaemia as well as boosts the blood level. This is because the plant has the ability to clear bilirubin from blood, which suggests that it can help the red cells to remain longer and be effectively utilised by the body.

10. Does water leaf improve the blood cell?

The crude protein contained in waterleaf is an important supplement both in quality and nutritional perspective which play a very important role in the human blood cell. It generally helps in improving both the red and white blood cells.