If Annie Macaulay is truly fetish, 2Face Idibia will not be unfaithful. Fetish women put men inside bottle – Relationship expert Blessing Okoro

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slap-bang Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, IS AGAINST ALLEGATIONS that actress, Annie Idibia, is fetish.

Lucca Recall that Annie called out her husband, 2Face Idibia, on her Intastories last night, and accused him of being too close to his baby mama, Pero Osayemi.

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If Annie Macaulay is truly fetish, 2Face Idibia will not be unfaithful. Fetish women put men inside bottle - Relationshp expert Blessing Okoro


Following her outburst, 2Face’s brother, Charles, came online to attack her and alleged that she and her mother were doing ”juju”.

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Reacting to Charles claim, Blessing in a video released, argued that if Annie was truly fetish, 2Face would never be unfaithful as she would have ”locked him in a bottle”

”2Face’s brother came to write that Annie Macaulay is fetish and there was a statement he said, 2face is suffering and 2face is dying. Really?

So you are trying to make the public feel that Annie Macaulay wants to kill him. Everything 2face Idibia is going through today is the consequences of his mistakes.

If 2face is my brother or friend, I will tell him ‘Oga anything wey deydo you today for your marriage na your Karma’.

When you men are sleeping around with different women, what do you expect will happen to you? There are consequences to it. So any consequences that 2face is suffering today, it is the things that he did.

Leave Annie Macaulay alone. That woman has tried. If today she says she is not doing again, Kudos to her. That woman has tried.

You say Annie Macaulay is fetish. 2face Idibia is saying that Annie Macaulay is fetish.

If Annie Macaulay was truly fetish, 2face Idibia will not be unfaithful, he will not be sleeping around.

Fetish women used to push their men inside bottle. Fetish women control men. Fetish women control their men’s manhood”.


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